Jessica Fiedler


Jessica Fiedler interacts with the developmentally disabled community as the parent of a young adult with significant support needs, and through her work as a pediatric physical therapist working with special education students in San Francisco East Bay schools. These experiences have provided her a working knowledge of the joys and challenges of inclusion, and the importance of meeting individuals where they are and providing meaningful engagement in order to foster growth and self esteem. She is excited to help build a farming community that can provide these things for developmentally disabled individuals and the people who support them. Jessica holds bachelors degrees in German and Dance from UC Berkeley, and a masters in Physical Therapy from Northwestern University. She is a native Californian with a deep love for the landscape here. With her family, she finds peace and pleasure in walking in nature and observing wildlife, and is passionate about furthering Mustang Acres’ mission to promote regenerative agriculture and provide greencare to the community.

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