Harvesting Fiber

A by-product of using prescribed grazing on our farm is sustainable wool. Our sheep and llama not only help sequester carbon back into the ground, they also produce fiber while reducing our farm’s carbon footprint. Wool is a natural fiber created through the cycle of photosynthesis from solar energy, carbon dioxide and water which nourishes plants.

Our animals graze on these plants, produce protein fibers through the growth of their wool, and they are shorn seasonally to harvest their fiber. We have our fiber processed and spun into gorgeous yarn. With our sheep and llama, we are producing natural, local fiber in Sonoma County, CA.

We are Proud to be a

certified Fibershed producer

We comply with their guidelines where

  • all our fiber is harvested within Northern California
  • no items nor any of its constituent parts are genetically modified or contain genetically modified organisms
  • our fiber and yarn are not manufactured biosynthetics
  • all labor is sourced within California