Bringing Neurodiversity To Farming While Practicing Regenerative Agriculture

Who We are

We are a small non-profit farm in Petaluma, CA, in Sonoma County, that is maintained by individuals with disabilities, their families and supporters.

Our Mission Is

  • to serve persons with disabilities, a traditionally underserved community, by providing opportunities for engagement, socialization and vocational skills training using farm based activities.

  • to bring neurodiversity to farming while practicing regenerative agriculture, building community and learning to be good stewards of the land.

  • to provide Green Care to its neurodiverse participants and community partners.

our approach

Green Care

Green Care is is a therapeutic modality that is used to support people with psychological disorders, intellectual and physical disabilities.

Green Care is more well known in many western European countries and is synonymous with Farm Therapy in North America.

Green Care uses therapeutic strategies that involve farming, the care of animals, gardening and contact with nature.

Inherent in Green Care are therapeutic, social and educational components that take place when there is interaction with plants and animals.

By connecting nature and health, it provides an effective approach to supporting mental health in a safe, healing space.

Simply put, nature heals.
our purpose

Our Purpose

What We Do

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