Fiona Wong

Executive Director

Fiona is an occupational therapist practicing in the San Francisco east bay. She came into the profession by way of her son, Linus, who is now a young adult with severe autism and epilepsy. She had a postgraduate degree in business and was a full-time mother at the time when Linus was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder at age 2. Life had brought her from Singapore where she grew up, to University in Australia, back to Singapore working in the corporate world, and eventually living in the SF bay area. Through her journey of raising Linus, she entered graduate school when he was 8, and in 2010 she became a board certified occupational therapist specializing in working with children with developmental disabilities, learning differences and sensory processing disorder. Through her eyes as a mother of a child with autism and an occupational therapist, she sees the importance of routine, structure, social connection, purpose and meaning in our everyday lives. Her vision for the farm is to utilize accessible agriculture as a tool for social connections and purposeful activities, while simultaneously advancing social justice and equity to this underserved population and contributing to the greater good of being good stewards of the land.


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