We have a big vision

Mustang Acres is a small non-profit farm with a big vision.

We are a farm for all levels of ability

We are run by volunteers who are primarily family and friends of persons with disabilities.

The vision of Mustang Acres is to provide Green Care to the neurodiverse population through agriculture and farm based activities. We are a Climate Beneficial™ Transitional (CBT) farm. We are producers of sustainable fiber. We envision broadening our scope to becoming growers of fruit and nut trees using sustainable practices. Our farm is all about building community. We seek to connect with the neurodiverse population, some of whom are verbal, non-verbal or Spellers. Mustang Acres will be the “watering hole” where community members gather, interact, play, learn and work together.

Our Vision

  • To provide thoughtfully planned space for Green Care and multifunctional agriculture
  • Advancing equity and social justice for persons with disabilities through participation in agriculture
  • Improving overall health of participants through engagement in agriculture and animal husbandry activities. The activities encourage physical movement, gross and fine motor planning, which offers a method of tackling the effects of obesity, anxiety and depression, and other mental health disorders
  • To provide sensory experiences through movement, sound, smell, and visual stimuli found in nature, to promote sensory regulation
  • Providing opportunities for non-classroom based experiential learning, and possible partnerships with schools and programs to support education about regenerative agriculture, human impact on climate change, and horticulture therapy
  • Potential for partnerships with local food banks to donate excess produce to food insecure communities
  • A safe environment for engagement in activities that bring people close to nature
  • Vocational training through engagement in farm based activities to increase employability by providing opportunities for skill development


We are a community of families and friends of persons with disabilities. Some are verbal and some are non-verbal Spellers.

We are gardeners, teachers and educators, therapists, tech workers, retirees, parents and grandparents, siblings, health care providers, and full time caregivers of persons with disabilities. Some of us have green thumbs, some have brown thumbs.

We come from all walks of life, with our varied and colorful lived experiences.

We have all been touched by disabilities and are committed to inclusivity for the neurodiverse population in agriculture.

Growing Abilities, Rooted in Community